When we greet you at KOERNER with “Hang Loose”, it’s more than just a way to sign off. For us it represents an attitude to life. Not all, but many of us surf in our free time. But whether or not we surf, all of us at KOERNER stand behind the idea “Hang loose” represents: to constantly be discovering new things, to be on the lookout for the ideal wave, and to surf it when it presents itself. That doesn’t mean we unquestionably take up every trend at KOERNER, but we do closely keep an eye out for what direction the creative scene and the zeitgeist are moving in. And all of it flows into our work. To catch the perfect wave in the perfect moment is the highest art of surfing - and also of communication. It’s that art which is our everyday business as a We-Reality agency.

Our Motivation: The joy of rising to the challenge. To be well prepared for the moments that count, and to be able to perfectly meet them when they arrive. An attitude discovered while surfing, and that we bring everyday to the projects we create for our clients.

Every surf spot has its own unique currents and rules, and so too does every collaboration we have with our clients. At KOERNER we set ourselves new challenges everyday. Every project begins with a fresh vision: from defining goals, to finding the best possible means and technologies to achieve them with. Our team has learned from every ride, and we bring that experience to each new project we undertake.

At KOERNER we see creating extraordinary experiences as the best possible form of communication – regardless if it’s analog, digital, or a mix of the two. We specialize in creating worlds for our clients: From Berlin, to the World Wide Web. From award shows to roadshows. For clients from all industries – from car manufacturing to wellness, from banking to cinema. At KOERNER each project is a fresh undertaking: We begin each and every day anew. With passion. With our gaze to the horizon. And an eye for the next big wave. All for the tailor-made expert and passionate communication for our clients.